Sunday, July 15, 2012

eBay Tips + Graphic Image Discount!!

Commence happy dance!  Even though children are years away, God willing, I think about our future wee ones all the time!  I adore Lilly Pulitzer and their matching Mommy and Minnie outfits.  I did purchase one little girls dress to match a style I already own and I hope I am blessed with a little girl one day to wear it!!  I did not want to leave a future son out of the planning, so when I saw this Lilly jumper on eBay I knew I had to make it mine!  Particularly because as far as I know Lilly no longer manufactures boys clothing :(

If you'll notice the auction ended at 12:51:03 PDT and I swooped in at 12:50:58 PDT and struck with the winning bid.  This is the secret to eBay, don't bid early and just drive up the price.  Bid in the last 4-6 seconds with your max bid and catch the competition by surprise.  Clearly eBay shopping is competitive sport!  Now the secret to last minute victory is to sign up for a service like Gixen and let software bid for you. The web-based software actually logs into your eBay account and bids in the last 4-6 seconds up to a predetermined maximum.  Brilliant!!  

In other news on the interwebs, leather goods mecca, Graphic Image, is having a site-wide 50% off sale!  That is my kind of sale!!  Order by 3AM Tuesday July 17th and the 50% discount will be automatically applied to your cart!  Seeing as how I signed up for their emails July 8th, because I wanted an iPad case, further cements I am in good favor with the shopping gods :)

I am hoping my new case arrives in the perfect shade of equestrian orange.  I added my initials in gold.  Swoon.
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Portuguese Prepster said...

Graphic Image has such gorgeous and timeless pieces!