Monday, July 23, 2012

Gossip Girl Inspiration

I have loads of recipe posts, a "new" coffee table, and a Neiman Marcus fashion show to blog about, but SPL has a big project and is logging tons of hours on the pc :( My MacBook is out of commission, but I did find out a new hard drive should only cost about $75!! Which I thought was great news! I promise I'll get back to longer posts soon, but short and sweet is all I can manage for now. I hope I am not overloading my dear readers with Pic Jointer, but this little preppy inspiration is a favorite!

I just adore Brittany Snow and loved her role as Lily in GG's flashback 80's episode from season 2. Yes, I did re-watch the episode tonight to share a favorite GG moment with you!!  Love this outfit! Enjoy!! xoxo

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Delightful D said...

Love the GG blast from the past! Makes me wish I had kept up with it past season 3.